The Next Nexus


I got my LG Nexus 4 today and I am smitten by it. The design is simple and sleek. It makes my Samsung Galaxy S II Skyrocket look like a cheap toy phone. Its a solid upgrade. This is my second Nexus device. A few months ago I bought the Nexus 7 and have thoroughly enjoyed it. I’ve used a custom ROM on my Skyrocket, CM9/10, and I thought that the clean look and feel was exactly what I wanted from Android.

The Nexus 7 and 4 share the same software and basic features (WiFi, Bluetooth, glass screen, micro USB charging) but the big features from the Nexus 4 are missing from the 7. The N4 is comparable with Qi wireless charging. This is reminiscent of Palm’s Touchstone charging. I loved that feature on my Pres and I’m surprised that it took 3 years for a Prime Time phone to have wireless charging (Now we have the N4 and the Nokia Lumia 920 both with Qi charging).

Another great feature of the N4 that the N7 is (currently) missing is support for wireless display using Miracast. Never heard of it? Its an up and coming and I’m sure we’ll see more mention of it come CES in January but right now you’ll be hard pressed to find a TV or set top box with Miracast built in. Wireless display tech is a great feature of iOS and works great with the apple TV. Google should build this tech into the Google TV so that people can send video from an android devices to the TV. This would be great in the nexus 7 but is missing. Both features are also missing from the Nexus 10.

If Google is going to continue with the Nexus lineup I hope to see more consistency across the devices. Maybe the Nexus Q will solve these issues when its re-released.

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