How to introduce Star Wars to Children

It is baby season for my friends and family! Very exciting times and I’m looking forward to influencing a new generation of little nerds. After the kids are starting to grow out of Duplo LEGO bricks and are able to sit through a movie, it’s time for Star Wars. Over the past 15 years Star Wars has been one of the most controversial subjects in nerd circles. The original (OG) Trilogy is sacrilegious and no one is completely happy with the edits it has gone through since it was re-released in the 90′s. It was all building up to Episode 1 ” The Phantom Menace”. The poster for the movie was amazing. And that’s where it ended. It was a horrible movie made for kids with a plot no one could follow or explain. Another point, you cannot show Star Wars starting with episode 1. It would completely ruin the surprise (SPOILER ALERT) that Darth Vader is Luke’s father. So Episode 1 sucks, you cannot go in release or numerical order, and you want the best experience for your child. There is a solution. Watch the movies in the “Machete Order”. It goes like this: IV, V, II, III, VI. You completely skip Episode 1. You won’t miss a thing. You’re child will have limited exposure to Jar Jar. The only thing i would miss is the Dual at the end of Episode 1: Qui Gon & Obi Wan VS. Darth Maul. Small price to pay!

Source: Machete Order

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  1. Mena says:

    Woot, I will ceniltray put this to good use!

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