Come run away with me! (and my Pre 3)

Du Hast!!

The training for the Boiler Maker continues. I got myself a new pair of New Balance shoes that work great. My feet feel much better then they did after my last run. And I’ve also purchased a new app for my HP Pre 3, JogStats. I read the review on webOSNation and they had positive comments for the application. So I decided to dive right into it and download the application.

Immediately I found a feature that I’ve been wishing for since I started running with my phones (Samsung Galaxy S II or my HP Pre 3), a timer that will show the seconds while the screen is locked! It’s so simple. I can just press the power button, see the time, and keep on running. I don’t have to unlock the screen, wait for a app to catch up from the pervious time I looked at it, or possible get too distracted by the phone. That was the killer function for me. The app will also tell you your top speed, track your route via GPS and map it out, give you your mile time, average speed, and you can laps to see how you do with repeatable results. Once you have the results of your run, you can then post the time, distance, and pace to Twitter and/or Facebook very easily.

Right now I’m just running for time, not distance. But that’ll change shortly and when I do this app will look even better because it’ll show me my distance as well as the time. You combine this with Spotify, and you have a great running combo. And with webOS’s notification at the bottom I can very easily see the time, distance, and what song is playing via Spotify.

If you are interested in trying the app, there is a free trial version you can download to your webOS device.

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