Get your own Cloud and then hack the shit out of it!

Pogoplug VideoI picked up a Pogoplug with a giftcard that I got for Christmas. I’m traveling very often for work and┬áhad the need to access pictures, documents, and sometimes music while i’m not home. At the same time I’m always looking for reason to crack open a plastic┬ácase and get a little bit more out of my purchases. It turns out that the Pogoplug is based on Linux, is very easy to access via SSH, and that is were the fun begins.

The Pogoplug is based on the Plug Computer platform. Products such as the Seagate Dockstar are based on the same technology but are a bit limited in their functionality. But back to the Pogoplug, it’s linux based, comes with life time access to your ‘cloud’, and all it requires besides the Pogoplug it’s self is a USB hard drive or thumb drive. The design of the plug is slick. its a little larger then I thought it would be but it’s smaller then a small toaster. There is no wall wort power suppy, just a simple two prong plug. And it comes with some small cable management tools. I purchased the P21 for $50 from a local big box store and started having some fun. With it you can access your files via, native apps on Windows and OS X, and apps for your iPhone, Android, and even webOS! The Android app is what I use daily and it features automatic uploads of photos and videos to my Personal Cloud! I can also play music files fom my Pogo via the Apps. I’ve been happy with the purchase and I am looking forward to playing with it.

I got it home, unboxed it on my table, broke out a USB laptop drive, and started having some fun, it was a wicked simple installation. I quickly saw the potential of this glorious little plastic box, I could install Samba (a linux file sharing program), Transmission (a torrent client that you manage via a webpage), and still have all of the out of the box funtionality. At the time I had an old laptop function as my Samba and Transmission servers. It was loud, hot, and took up a good amount of space. Not to mention that it was running ubuntu linux which wasn’t much fun to troubleshoot every time new updates were released.

Today, the Pogoplug is working great and the project was a success! Look for how-to’s coming soon!

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  1. david says:

    Hi, can I please get the instructions you used to install transmission and samba (plexmediaserver, sickbeard and couch potato) if you still have them. I ordered this model and haven’t had any luck running any applications but I have archlinux running.

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